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Tencent marketing cloud

Tencent marketing cloud hand in hand Celnet help enterprises achieve zero-distance contact with customers goal

November 11, 2017, Tencent Cloud held in Beijing on the theme of "smart marketing, open in the cloud" Tencent smart marketing cloud conference, designed to seek through technical means to complete the industrial upgrading of enterprises to discuss in the cloud computing Under the technical background of the marketing trend of innovation, a total of ways to break through. Xu Yunwen, vice president of Tencent Cloud, Wang Xiangyu, Zhang Ye attended the conference and opened Tencent smart marketing cloud publishing ceremony, announced the enterprise marketing from the "Internet +" era "smart +" era. The new revolution in the marketing field officially began.

Open "smart +" marketing era

The launch of Tencent's smart marketing cloud is an exploration by Tencent that focuses on the globalization of marketing and "marketing of intelligence + marketing", and promotes marketing technology development to precision, data and intelligence. At the same time, based on Tencent Cloud, through artificial intelligence, big data and other technical means, it builds a one-stop, all-link intelligent marketing platform for enterprises to dig deeper into the greater value of enterprise data, comprehensively upgrade technology-driven enterprises, Enterprises have to face the "digital +" era of competitiveness.

The scene of the conference

At this conference, Celnet was awarded the founding honorary partner of Tencent Marketing Cloud Landing Plan 2017, and with Tencent Big Data and Yuhua Cloud Computing helped to make the CRM system that has deposited a large amount of customer data tremendous value. Businesses can not only better understand the customers I have traded, but also find potential customers whom we did not know before, and link them through WeChat, QQ, telephone and so on.

Celnet general manager of cloud computing innovation and development (left) Mr. Tommy Liu came to accept the award

Celnet Awarded Founding Honorary Partner, 2017 Tencent Marketing Cloud Landing Program