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About Us

Celnet for enterprises to provide information management solutions and help enterprises and the Internet connection to produce the greatest commercial interests

Celnet established in 2012, is the leading enterprise information mobile, social mobile solutions and integration services provider. Celnet is platinum partner, ISV partners, with Greater China's largest cloud CRM implementation, development team. The company is committed to creating the most innovative partners.


We provide enterprises with information management solutions

Positioning:Leading Enterprise Information Mobility, Social Mobility Solutions and Integration Services Providers

Innovative R&D: The establishment of innovation and development and strategic development of the industry to provide industry-depth solutions

Established: 2012

Qualification:Salesforce Platinum partner, Platinum ISV partner, deep plowing the world's first SaaS, PaaS platform

Certification:Community Cloud Consultant, Platform Developer 1 Certifications, Certified Sales Consultant, Certified Service Consultant

Listing: New Board of Directors in May 2016 (Stock Code: 837605)

Greater China offers the largest companies with CRM consultancy services

Proportion of project consultants


       Salesforce certification               


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We work with our customers to create value

Number of enterprise customers


We provide innovative solutions for our business
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Average production efficiency increased by 38%
Number of Veevlink terminals


Enterprise and end customer interaction increased by 41%

Why choose Celnet

Related enterprises similar cases successful experience, effective protection of the project's success

We are not a software service provider, but to help enterprises from the breadth of the depth of information technology to build long-term partners

Greater China Most customers are sure to create a team for CRM

Cloud technology experts, Greater China SFDC certified resources

Innovate the method of customer experience to help your company innovate


Our vision

The rise of the Internet and social media to the enterprise management and operation brings great changes, flexible and fast to adapt to enterprise change management software, which has become the most important business management software demands, while social media has become the most important business communication platform for customer, employees and partners. Celnet vision is to create socialized enterprise management software, so that business management can be realistic!