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Consumer Scanning Code Interactive Business Support Platform

Construction of FMCG, retail industry, multi-brand full contact consumer sweep interactive and marketing innovation management platform


Marketing activity

QR code registration


Schedule reminder


QR code sign


Member management


Sweep activity

Product code sweeping




Activity form management


Awards management


Consumer management

WeChat users


Integral revenue and expenditure management


Member message push


Business card scanning function


Business background

FMCG industry shifts from large-scale extensive growth to profit-oriented fine growth, from simple marketing to integrated management innovation. These changes and trends for China's FMCG enterprises have brought new opportunities. How to deal with market changes to achieve greater development is what all FMCG enterprises need to face, and the year 2017 is the first year for FMCG enterprises in accurate marketing, with good data and mobile Internet, and the profit comes not only from the market, but also from management.

Business challenges

1.Lack of unified marketing activities, membership management mechanism
2.Lack of multi-WeChat public unified management platform, it is difficult to achieve "an alliance, multiple operation" management objectives

Application product

1.Sales Cloud
3.WeChat service account integration


Construct the two-dimensional code products sweep interactive activity management platform, integrate the two-dimensional code product database, and track the product market delivery and open bottle cleaning rate in real-time


1. Enhance the brand influence
2.Enhance brand satisfaction
3.Multi-contact collects consumer 360 degree information

Advantages of Celnet

Take advantage of our global experience in helping to transform many traditional retail industries
Have a number of large enterprises and retail FMCG industry WeChat platform member management experience